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  1. Count your costs
    Knowing your expenses, your costs and how much an institution will lend you is the first step to a successful purchase
  2. Find the right home
    Next you should hit the streets, attending auctions and open inspections to find that perfect opportunity
  3. Employ your conveyancer
    There’s a legal side to your purchase – from research to documentation and settlement.  Registered conveyancers can take the stress out of all of this for you.
  4. Do your research
    Get all the documents you need from the seller and ask your conveyancer to research the title, searching for easements and other common property traps. Consider building and pest inspections to check for hidden surprises too.
  5. Buying at private sale
    At a private sale, you can submit a written offer to the seller or even prepare a contract of sale.  Your conveyancer can add conditions to a contract to protect you.  If both sides sign, you have a 2 day cooling off period where you can withdraw your offer.
  6. Buying at an auction
    It’s auction day! Register as a bidder, know your limits and go for success. You will be expected to sign a contract and pay the deposit almost immediately, so make sure that all your inspections and valuations are done before the day.
  7. The final settlement
    All the’s left to finalis the legal documents and transfer the property into your name.  Get the legal process right with a conveyancer who will represent you at the settlement – all you have to do is pick up the keys and move in!


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