If you’ve invested in property or have thought about getting into the market, you might have heard of land subdivision. Subdividing land is the process of dividing your land into smaller properties. This allows you to develop and sell several properties, potentially maximising your profits.

Dividing your land can be a good idea but it can also be a long, complicated and expensive process. Submitting your application to subdivide your land yourself will only multiply your costs and that’s why you should always contact a conveyance to assist you.

Our team can determine all of your requirements, draft your plans and lodge the paperwork for you in the fastest and most cost effective way possible.

A Guide to the Subdividing Process

To help you understand the steps in subdivision in South Australia, we have compiled the following easy steps:

 – Consult the Council

As your local planning authority, the council will advise about your plan and outline their requirements. Allow 12 weeks or more for the council’s decision.

 – Employ a Surveyor

A licenced Surveyor will prepare a proposal to lodge with the Development Assessment Commission. This plan will show the proposed new allotments.

 – Wait for DAC Approval

The Development Assessment Commission will formally approve your plan after they have contacted the council and the relevant authorities to make sure all their requirements have been met. You can then combine a copy of your approval with your plan and lodge these with the Lands Title Office (LTO). This must be lodged within a year of the DAC approval.

 – Contact Your Conveyancer

There are a range of other documents that will need to be lodged with the LTO. These documents are required to follow up the plan and create the new allotments. All of these documents need to meet specific legal requirements so it’s important to get them right.

 – New Certificates of Title Are Issued

Once the LTO approves all the plans and documents, the plan is then deposited and new Certificates of Title are issued. This essentially means that titles for your individually divided properties are created.

What Are the Costs

Depending on how you choose to subdivide your land, your costs will be different. Your options for subdividing are:

  • Torrens title land division – land is divided into two or more lots which share no facilities or infrastructure
  • Community title land division – land is divided into two or more lots which have shared infrastructure and facilities

With Torrens land division, you are charged for the following:

  • Form RTU – $173 or Form RTC – $430.00
  • Examination Fee – $1,030.00
  • Deposit fee $158.00
  • Each New Title which issues $93.50
  • Survey Act Levy $109.10

With community land division, you are charged for the following:

  • Form ACT $430.00
  • Form LF (By-Laws) $173.00
  • Examination Fee-
    • 5 lots or less $516.00
    • 6 lots or more $1,030.00
  • Deposit fee $158.00
  • Each New Title which issues $93.50
  • Common Property Title No Fee
  • Survey Act Levy $ 109.10

How We Help with Land Division

As you can see, land subdivision can be a long and expensive process. If you want to enjoy all the benefits without blowing your budget, contact us today. We charge only $660.00 (including  GST) to prepare and lodge any of the above forms and only $88 for each consent arranged (including  GST).

Let us navigate the legal jargon involved in land subdivision, leaving you to enjoy the benefits of your new properties. Contact us today for further enquires or to get started.