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Selling a home is a significant part in any of our lives as it represents the next step on a journey. For a family it signifies moving on from old memories to start creating new ones. For an investor, a sale represents that gratifying final return on investment that you have been working towards.


Whatever your reasons for selling there are many things to remember, and they range from renovation to legal considerations. Here are 5 important things to get you started.


  1. Make Value-Adding Renovations

Sprucing up your home before the sale is one of the most obvious steps you could take but it’s important to think before you act. Fixing up dilapidated areas – both inside and out – will add value to your home, but making the right changes could be the difference.


When you’re making changes to your property don’t only consider your style, but what is most broadly appealing. Using neutral colours in your design will help people to imagine themselves in your home, and make them more likely to buy.


It’s important not to neglect your exterior, as it could add to the street-appeal of your property. Remember – first impressions really do count.


  1. Complete Property Inspections

During the selling process there’s a good chance that potential buyers will want to organise inspections. These range from property inspections to pest inspections and more. While they will probably go through this process, it’s important to complete your own inspections too. These can give you pointers about the sort of things that you have to fix up, and it will help to streamline the process when it does finally come time to sell.


  1. Definitely De-Clutter

One mistake that people make when they sell their home is leaving all their holiday snaps and interesting memorabilia on display. Having a home that feels “lived in” can be appealing, but usually new homeowners want to create that feeling for themselves.


Similar to the use of neutral colours in renovations, it’s important to create a blank space that buyers can project their thoughts and feelings onto. There should be just enough furnishings in each room for buyers to imagine what they might do with that space.


Having less on display can also make your home appear larger and extra space is always a positive when selling.


  1. Move Smartly

The most stressful thing about selling a property is possibly the process of moving into your new place. This is why you should think before you pack.


Decide how you’re going to label your possessions (by room, by person, or through another system) and stick to it when packing things away. Go to supermarkets and department stores for extra boxes and decide in advance if you will use professional movers – either for everything or for delicate items.


  1. Get Legal Advice

One part of selling that many people forget about is conveyancing, the legal process that sees the tile of the property change hands. It is not compulsory to hire a conveyancer to take care of this process but it is highly recommended. They will be dealing with complex legal documents, performing searches on your land, and they can handle the entire settlement process – you don’t even need to be there.


A conveyancer ensures that everything is done right – saving you time and money – and it also means that you don’t have to worry. In short, it’s just another way to make this process the enjoyable time that it should be.


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