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Congratulations – you’ve decided to break into the property market. Whether you’re looking to invest or buy a family home, work or retire, Adelaide is a great place to be. Before you make that big step and commit to a property there are a few things you should do. 

One of the first things you should consider is getting an expert conveyancer on your side. Their expertise and personalised service can help you with all things property. The other important step to take is to find out a little about the property market you’ll be moving into. Is it a growing market, is it an investor’s paradise and can I get a good coffee? Luckily for you, we have compiled the top 5 trends in the Adelaide property market that you need to know. 


  1. A Property For Anyone (and Everyone)

If you make the move to Adelaide as a home buyer then one thing is certain – there is a property to suit your needs. Adelaide’s two story brick houses scream sophistication and these stand alongside modern townhouses and the apartment towers that define the cityscape. There is a home for anyone in Adelaide, from first home buyers to busy workers and students, and even retirees. This isn’t really much of surprise though and that’s because… 


  1. The Assorted People of Adelaide

If you want to know what your neighbours will be like, you’ll be happy to know that the people who live in Adelaide are traditionally diverse. Adelaide has a youthful vibe that is driven by a high percentage of independent youth and people who are forging their careers. Adelaide is also a great place to retire, with older independent citizens ranking in their top 3 demographics. 


  1. A Market in Demand

Getting down to the specifics of the property market, it probably won’t surprise you to know that Adelaide is a high-demand market. This has a few implications, depending on how you want to move within the local property market. If you have an investment property in Adelaide then high demand is music to your ears, because it’s likely to make it easier to get consistent and reliable tenants. A high-demand market also puts the ball slightly in the seller’s corner, making it easier for them to cash in on the desire to move into Adelaide. Don’t despair if you’re looking to buy though! There is still a great balance in the market and the advice and services of a conveyancer could help you. 


  1. Affordable Housing

One of Adelaide’s biggest drawcards is its affordability. Unlike Melbourne and Sydney, where house prices are talked about in nightmarish tones, Adelaide is a highly affordable market. As prices soar in Sydney and Melbourne, people are considering the convenient urban paradise of Adelaide. 


  1. The Adelaide Lifestyle

Adelaide is defined by its fantastic culture, combining pubs and restaurants, theatres and cinemas, shops and markets, to ensure that there’s always something to do. Great coffee, endless entertainment and convenience define life in Adelaide. There are plenty of schools, markets and places for a good meal and the roads as well as transport networks can get you anywhere. 


If you’re making a property move in Adelaide, whether it’s buying, selling, renting, investing or something else, the conveyancing experts at Conveyancing Centre can help you. As experts in the local property market and members of your community, they can help you to secure and finalise your sale faster. Call 08 8374 4711 to make an enquiry.

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