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When it comes to buying, selling and leasing properties, land transfers, and much more, there is no one more important than a conveyancer. An expert conveyancing team will combine property expertise with personalised service to take care of the whole process for you. Conveyancers take the stress out of property transfers, allowing you to get on with your work and family life. But with the rapid expansion of digital media and plenty of services moving online, what’s going to happen to conveyancing? 

Electronic conveyancing, or e-conveyancing, has become  a reality in Australia and this revolutionary way of helping you with your property needs is being led by South Australia. E-conveyancing takes all the regular benefits of conveyancing – expertise, personalised service, tailored and affordable results – and combines them with the power of the internet. The result is an exciting time for the conveyancing industry but also new changes and benefits for you. So here is everything you need to know about e-conveyancing.

Revolutionising the Property Industry

Technology has changed and improved almost every aspect of our lives. These days you can do your banking, talk to your friends, book appointments and even stream television, all from the comfort of your computer. Electronic and online services have created a more convenient way of living, but some processes have remained largely unchanged during this revolution.
Property transaction is one of these processes and for decades this complicated process has been simplified and improved by the expert and tailored services of professional conveyancers. Conveyancing is the cornerstone of the property industry, helping people from all walks of lives with their property transfers, but now electronic conveyancing has emerged and is making things even easier again. From the 3rd of August 2020 all transactions in SA are mandated to be conducted electronically.

Conveyancing Centre conducted the very first electronic settlement in SA in July 2016 , on the PEXA platform and in December 2020 lodged the very first document for registration using the SYMPLI platform.

More than a decade in the making, e-conveyancing really emerged around 2013 and the process will eventually see property transactions all over Australia completed through the online exchange, PEXA (Property Exchange Australia) and SYMPLI.

What Does This Mean for Me?

As someone who is interested in buying or selling a property, a conveyancer has always been an important resource and this isn’t set to change with the emergence of e-conveyancing. Said simply, e-conveyancing is set to assist conveyancers with the work they already do, making the process of buying and selling even easier for you. E-conveyancing is set to make property transactions more streamlined and efficient, optimising the processes that conveyancers help you with. Some changes for buyers and sellers might include: 

  • A requirement for formal evidence of identity, similar to a 100-point check for your bank account or licence test
  • Duplicate titles to a property are a thing of the past, with physical copies of documents becoming unnecessary.
  • Transactions will be completed via PEXA or SYMPLI with direct electronic transfers occurring between the parties

Electronic Property Transactions in South Australia

South Australia is leading the way in the area of e-conveyancing, with electronic property transactions being rolled out in the eastern states before anywhere else. This puts South Australian conveyancers on the cutting edge of new processes and practices, making them Australia’s leading authority in providing faster, simpler, property transactions for you. 

With the Australian Institute of Conveyancers President  describing e-conveyancing as the “biggest reform” to the industry in “more than 150 years”, it’s easy to see how South Australian conveyancers are the leaders in helping you. 

If you’re interested in entering the property market in Adelaide, whether it’s commercial or residential, for investment or for living, contact the cutting edge team at Conveyancing Centre. Experience the added benefits from industry leaders by calling 08 8374 4711 today.

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