If you find a property to buy, or you have found a buyer for a property you already own, we can prepare a Contract for Sale & Purchase,  attend to all Statutory searches and attend settlement for you.

A typical contract and settlement for a house property would cost in the vicinity of:

Government & Council searches are $330.75 (valid until 30/6/20)

Conveyancing fees (to represent either Vendor or Purchaser) are $880.00 including GST

Bank Cheque fees & sundries could be $65.00-$80.00

Professional fee for preparation of the contract $550.00 and Form 1 About $330.00 including GST

We can also rearrange the ownership of your property, even transfer the principal place of residence between spouses for NO Stamp Duty.

Maybe you want to subdivide your land- w can introduce you to a Registered Surveyor to work with you in this process and lead you in the necessary steps you need to take to achieve it.

Check out our Fact Sheet headed Land Division costs.